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The knots used in our shaving brushes. Can be from Boar, Badger or synthetic fibers


Black Synthetic - 25mm

We started looking for a knot that recreated the fantastic performance of the Muhle Rytmo series. In our journey, we tested several samples, vendors and sizes. We found the ideal knot in a 25mm size and these fibers that deliver a great backbone and soft tips. 

Two Band Finest Badger - 25mm

Badger hair can be found in the widest of quality spectrum out there. You either get a really expensive knot, or a terribly cheap knot. 

Our goal was to find a Badger hair that delivered in Performance and Luxurious feel. We focused on a high density knot (lots of hairs well packed) and a finest hair that with time it will develop an infamous "gel tips" feel and perform with the softness of a silvertip but at the same time providing sufficient backbone for those of us who prefer face lathering and proper splay.

Boar - 25mm

First of all, we began in this hobby as fan boys. We started with an Omega brush. Loved it. Tried then a Semogue. Loved it. We then set ourselves to find a boar supplier that could deliver the best of both worlds. We believe we found it. 

A fantastic un-dyed Boar hair knot at 25mm of diameter and plenty loft to allow for a generous break in and fantastic performance after a few uses. We Love it!

Boar Knot Break-In after a few uses:

"Plisson Type" Synthetic Knot - 28mm

Ask any experienced, or even novice, traditional shaver and they will know these fibers. They were the rage in 2015, and there are already plenty of fantastic offerings from other vendors' brushes out there with these same fibers.

We wanted to set ourselves apart by offering it only in a densely packed, 28mm diameter knot. This is the "Chubby" version of these synthetic knots. Its performance is unique and we are proud to offer this version.